Writer Configuration Options

The MaxBack VSS writer supports various options to configure it for your requirements.

Configuration Sets

We deliver best practices configuration sets (currently only for one for Veeam and the default configuration), to preconfigure the writer instance for your backup tool. To activate these configuration sets you use the Configuration tool.

Veeam Configuration Set

The following options will be set if you enable the Veeam configuration set:

  • Backup Media Name: “Veeam”
  • enableAutoRecovery: “true”
  • copyDataVolumeBehaviour: “CancelAfterSnapshot”
  • Log Settings - backupBeforeSnapshot: true
  • Log Settings - backupOnBackupComplete: true
  • Log Settings - truncateOnBackupComplete: FullBackup

Configuration Settings

Configuration settings are configured for each writer instance. They are stored in a xml file in the writer data folder:

  • Folder: C:\ProgramData\wagnerSolutions\MaxBack\VSSWriter\<DatabaseName>
  • File Name: writer.config

If the writer config file doesn’t exist you can create it applying the default configuration to the instance:

maxback.vssconfig enableconfigset

vssWriter Element

The following configuration values are supported for the vssWriter element:

  <vssWriter mode="Standalone" mediaName="VSS" enableAutorecovery="false">


  • mode: currently

    only the value Standalone is allowed

  • mediaName:

    name of the MaxDb backup media (backup template)

  • enableAutorecovery:

    enables the Autorecovery feature

  • copyDataVolumeBehaviour:
    Option to configure how data volume backups will be handled in copy backups.
    • Default (component selection is used to decide if data volumes have to be backed up)
    • DisableBackup: force disable backup of data volumes in copy mode
    • CancelAfterSnapshot: the database will be prepared for data volume backup, but is cancelled when vss snapshot is removed.

Child Elements: logSettings

logSettings Element

The following configuration values are supported for the logSettings element:

  <vssWriter  >


  • mediaName:

    specifies the log media to consider for backup. Can contain a list of values separated by ‘;’

  • backupBeforeSnapshot:

    enables the Log Backup before Snapshot feature create a log backup before snapshot of volume is created

  • backupOnBackupComplete:
    enables the Log Backup after database backup feature

    create a log backup after backup is completed (and after truncation)

  • truncateOnBackupComplete:
    configures the Log truncation feature
    • Disabled: no logs are truncated
    • FullBackup: logs are truncated if a full backup is created
    • Always: even if only a copy backup is created, the log files are truncated