Backup for MaxDB

MaxBack is a backup solution that extends the build-in backup and recovery functions of SAP MaxDB™ databases.

MaxBack Feature Highlights

  • Backup and restore MaxDB databases with any VSS compatible backup software
  • Restore of entire Windows Virtual Machines with automatic MaxDB recovery
  • Log truncation: delete log files only after successful backup
  • Use storage based restores for lightning fast SAP system copies

VSS Writer for MaxDB

With the MaxBack VSS Writer you can integrate your MaxDB backups and restores with Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS).
VSS is the base technology for all backup products that supports consistent backup of Windows.

VSS Writer

Volume Snapshot based Backups

Adds support for VSS based Backup to MaxDB.
Backup with any VSS based backup solution, for example:

  • Windows Server Backup
  • Veeam Backup and Replication
  • Azure Backup

Virtual Machine Support

Support for Virtual Machine restore (HyperV, VMWware)
Automatic database recovery for entire VM restore solutions (e.g. Veeam)

Easy Setup

Easy to install and to set up. Just works.

VSS Writer Pricing Options

390 EUR
  • 1 Database Instance
  • One-Time payment
  • Perpeptual license
  • Standard Support
  • VSS Writer 3.x usage right
  • 1 Database Instance
  • 1 year Subscription
  • Perpeptual fallback license
  • Extended Support
  • Any version usage right
990 EUR
  • 1 Database Instance
  • One-Time payment
  • Perpeptual license
  • 3 years Extended Support
  • VSS Writer 3.x usage right

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